Amadeus (Director’s Cut)


Last night, I watched Amadeus the movie.  A great film taken in 1984 about the famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  I remember watching this film in real time back in 1984, but being a 6 year old, I didn’t  understand any of it nor remember the movie itself.  So I thought being 32 is enough mature to see this movie again.  

The movie had great music, but whats more, the story telling was wonderful and I really enjoyed the full 180min!  Maybe little too long, and even with this 180 min, the last days of Mozart had very fast unfolds and that was a bummer.

Although I am not a big fan of retro movies, this movie proved to me that great movies never fades no matter how old they are.  If you have any interest in classic music and like movies, this is must see movie.


Posted by rakeem