How to control my social contents.

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Now, I used to be a big tumblr fan.

tumblr was great when thinking about “posting yourself on the web". But when it came to customization, it wasn’t so good. You know, this IT thing changes so rapidly, and I always wanted myself to catch up. For example, when I wanted to add “like button" on my tumblr site, it was sooo difficult. You were only able to customize limited templates and this was a pain in the ass.

So, I now use wordpress for this site. I should have done this in the first place. WP is fun.
My next mission is to find out an ideal way to control my social medias.
I use

mainly. Of course I would not want to post to each service, so I have to come up with something that is simple and easy. I already made this WP site push my posts to Facebook, so I have to check with other sites what I can do and what I cannot do.

I am sure this sounds boring to you, but guess what, I love doing these things 🙂