How to manage your social tools


Since there are so many social tools and services right now, considering how to use them, is necessary every once a while because new services and tools come and go.

Right now, the below tools and services are my favorite.

to capture images: Instagram
to share my opinons : Twitter
to get in touch with my friends: facebook

I had been using the 3 services for quite a while, but had always been unsatisfied with the fact that I couldn’t see all of them in one place.  The 'wall’ in facebook wasn’t bad, but I didn’t like the fact that you had to log into facebook.  I wanted it a place where it would be more in public, like an ordinary blog so that even my mother will be able to see it(I do not want to imagine the nightmare to teach my mother how to use facebook).

That’s when I met this tumblr.  I had been knowing for some time, but since I thought it was just a blog, I couldn’t persuade myself to start it because I always had hard times starting my own blogs with Movabletypes and WordPress especially in design and importing past entries.  

But this 2011 New Years Holiday, I had some time to check thru tumblr and I was amazed in how easy it was to create a blog which I had wanted for a long long time!  The lucky thing for me was that I was able to find the right design for me.  I am using this themanati template, but this was the template I had been wanting for years.  With the social tools, you post your data very often like 2~4 times a day, so I have always wanted to have my blog to show more and more information in single view.  So I hated to have my blog show everything in a single timeline from new to old.  My ideal design was to have it squished in one single view, so that you can get the image on what I am up to in one single glance.  The detail in time is not a big deal.  

Other than the design, what’s the big difference between the other MT and WP blogs, you might ask me.  That’s a difficult question.  I think I like the fact that the tumblr handles your database and HTMLs, not your own server.  This makes it technically easier to connect tumblr datas with other social services, and to change designs.  I don’t have to change tens and hundreds of templates just to change my header.  This was pretty much amazing to me.

Anyhow, of course tumblr is not perfect.  Especially in infrastructure wise, I still get this 404,500  kind of errors.  I hope this will be well in near future.

One of my biggest surprise is that tumblr has almost no fan base here in Japan.  I don’t know how I shall do this, but I would like myself to try to invite more people to use tumblr.  Good night


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