VAIO P still kicking ASS!


My VAIO type P has been with me for about 2 months now, and so far it is working great!  The size and weight is obviously one of the best part of this machine, with the normal battery, this full-size keyboard Windows7 machine is even lighter than the iPad!  Can you believe it?

I actually have the L size battery, making it slightly heavier than the iPad, but still is much lighter than anything I have ever used, and with the Atom CPU and the SSD, this thing will run up to 8 hours!  With this machine combined with the Evernote, it kicks ass.  I can take notes anywhere inside or outside of my office, thanks to the dual WiFi and WiMAX chipset it has inside.  

Few things I am not still comfortable is the keyboard.  Yes, it has a full size keyboard, but he key pitch is little narrow and I make some typo errors pretty often.  But I guess with few more months, I will get used to it.  The machine power is low, but taking text notes, checking emails, and surfing the net is low-power based tasks, so I have no problem with this part.

I bought a proprietary case just for this VAIO, so I will try to get some reviews soon.

高解像度8型ウルトラワイドディスプレイ搭載 個性を彩るバリエーション わたしだけのポケットスタイルPC


Posted by rakeem