I shall stick with Ubuntu


Unfortunately, I was not able to connect with my home WiFi with my CentOS… Therefore, I suppose I will stick with Ubuntu for now.  Ubuntu Netbook edition needed too much graphic power, so I will go with the desktop version.

I have installed this OS before, so I hope nothing wrong would happen.  I also need to install VirtualBox so that I can have fun with some more OSs.

BTW,I have not found out an ideal way to have my private MovableType blog entries import to tumblr.  Reading some people’s articles, it seems that trying to do so itself is not such a smart move.  But since I have to pay every month for my private MovableType blog server, I would want to cancel this contract.  So right now, I am thinking about moving those past entries to Blogger just to use it as an archive DB.  As for the current tumblr site, I guess I have to start my new blogging and tweeting from now! 

My past blog entries included a lot of dirty entries„,more like perverted entries„, so this sure is the right time for me to forget the past and move on to the future 🙂


Posted by rakeem